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Vestal and Mona Wallace Memorial Page

In Memory of Vestal and Mona Wallace

Vestal and Mona Wallace lived as a husband and wife of the earth. I mean that in several ways. First, they were plain and simple life mates, nothing fancy. Flowery words won't faithfully represent the life they lived together. Words were important and they loved nothing better than to talk - talk to anybody. It's said that they never met a stranger.

Vestal had a favorite coffee shop in Bonney Lake where he could go and visit with friends. He loved to talk and he loved to read, so words were important but they were not flowery words. Plain and simple, Vestal was a man of the earth.

Mona loved her grandchildren, she made us all our first birthday cake and later in life our wedding cakes. Her favorite hobbies were knitting, music and genealogy. She took joy in life with her time with family, friends and god. Plain and simple, Mona was a woman of the earth.

Vestal and Mona both found peace with being outside enjoying the earth around them, that's where they loved to be. Camping, berry-picking and mushroom hunting were among several outdoor hobbies. Sitting around the campfire at night, Vestal played the guitar and Mona played the accordion while they sang old camp songs. Vestal and Mona Wallace was a couple of the earth.

Vestal and Mona were also a husband and wife of the earth in that, like each of us, they were both made by God from the dust of the earth, wonderfully knit together. In many ways they were so resilient and strong, but also so vulnerable and fragile. In Vestal and Mona we saw both. They were a man and woman who worked hard on most of life. Though both were strong, in the last days of their lives we saw how fragile and vulnerable they were too. For both we were left praying at the end.

We give thanks for the good things that this man and woman of the earth was to us; but our reason for hope - even joy - in this time of loss is found in God, the creator of the earth. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, from dust we have come to dust we shall return. But we remember how the creator took dust and ashes and made a living human being from the earth. We look to God to do that miracle one day again with our dust and ashes. Unless a seed is planted in the ground and it dies, (said Saint Paul,) it will never bear fruit.

We give thanks for Vestal and Mona, a husband and wife of the earth. We find hope in God, creator of earth and heaven.

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