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Marjorie Ankenman Memorial Page

Marjorie Ankenman July 25, 1928 - Oct 4, 2011

Marjorie instilled meaning in her life by her drive to help and serve others. As the eldest child of eight, the desire to care for others began at an early age. When she worked in her family’s restaurant at fourteen, her willingness to serve others was evident. After raising seven children and devoting over sixty years of philanthropic work to her sorority, it was as if she was meant to serve. Beyond the care and support she provided her family, she found time to do God’s work as a Deacon in her church. In her home, you would always be greeted with a smile, a big hug, and a cup of coffee or tea.

Naturally, family was Marge’s first priority. She kept everyone in her enormous family closely connected over the years. She thrived as the individual whom encouraged everyone to stay close, support one another, and share every holiday together. Her ability to make each child and grandchild feel special and unique was incredible. It was important for Marge to teach others how to express proper etiquette, show respect and consideration for others, and to value education. Everyday you could find her and Glenn working on the day’s crossword puzzle at the kitchen table with one of the grandkids. The family sing-alongs were her most favorite past time of all. Whether everyone was gathered around a campfire or around a piano on Christmas Eve, it was always a memorable and special time for everyone. These family traditions have been passed down to her grandchildren and great-grand children.

Summer months spent camping at Buck Lake Campground was a favorite pastime of the Ankenmans. This was because everyone was together, playing games, and telling stories day and night. Marge always enjoyed cooking over the campfire while the laughter of her family echoed through the trees. She and Glenn were very involved in the early years of the campground and helped it grow into the organization it is today. Board meetings were often held at their home where she would provide refreshments. In 1986 Marge had an idea to create a central meeting place for the campers to come together where they could play games and share meals. The next year the pole building and kitchen area was built with the help from many members. The kitchen area was dedicated to her and a sign hangs on the wall that reads, "Marge's Kitchen". She was very touched by the kind gesture. You can still find the sign hanging on the wall above the coffee pot.

Following the death of her best friend and husband a short sixteen months ago, her love never faltered or faded away for Glenn. She missed his presence in her life and her broken heart grew weaker as time passed. Glenn was her husband for 64 years and Marge could hardly stand a life without him in it. They worked as a team to build a family of incredible individuals that will forever impact the world. “If Glenn was the brick, then Marge was the mortar that held the family together,” Grandson Adam has said. Marge is missed not only by her family and close friends; she is missed by anyone that had the pleasure of knowing her.

All of the admirable values and qualities she possessed will never be forgotten and the memory of Marjorie Ankenman will be passed down as an example of an exemplary way to live a full and dynamic life.

Amy & Brianne Ankenman

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