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Meet the Buck Lake Board of Directors

Special thanks to Brian Ankenman, Darrin Majors, Nick Ankenman, Justin Ankenman, Frankie VanGelder, and Felicia LaRiva Miller for their service on the Board of Directors and a warm welcome to newly elected BOD members Randy Himes, John Navin, Lori Mattingly, and welcome back Nancy Johnson!

At the 1st Board meeting the board elected its officers for 2021.

The BOD holds their meetings via Zoom on the second Wednesday of April, June, August, October and December. The BOD meeting in February is held within 2 weeks after the annual meeting which is held on the second Sunday in February. Members are encouraged to attend for information. If you are interested in attending, please contact the board of directors at to confirm the location or check the Calendar Page


  • Randy Himes

  • John Navin
    Vice President

  • Lori Mattingly

  • Kris Graden


Other Board Members

  • Randy Abner

  • Nancy Johnson

  • Kay Rivera

  • Juliann Thatcher

  • Les Wallace

  • Jason Wentworth


  • Marty Smith

  • Deedra Lawless

BOD Group Email:

Emails sent to this address will get forwarded to all Buck Lake Board of Directors